JVK Supplies

As the largest horticultural supplies distributor in Canada, JVK is uniquely positioned to provide the inputs you need from our key partners – Poppelmann, CTI Plastic, Landmark, Smithers Oasis, ICL Specialty Fertilizers, TO Plastics, ASB, Lambert Peat, and others.

Our difference is that we can help you turn these containers and inputs into marketing solutions. Looking for something different or custom?
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JVK Supplies has everything you need to thrive and prosper. From molded injection and vacuum formed plastic products (pots, flats, trays,
bulb pans, plug trays) to new growing mixes and fertilizers that can save time and produce healthy crops.

Key Industry Partners
T.O. Plastics
ASB GreenWorld
DCN Plastics
Jiffy Products
ICL Specialty Fertilizers
Oasis Grower Products
Multi-Formes Horticulture