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2021 Schenck Farms Spring Plants

Schenck Farms Spring Plants

Vegetable Advantage



PW Brochure









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2021 JVK Seed Catalog
All that’s new for 2020 in full color images.
2021 JVK Supplies Catalog
Soil, fertilizers, colorful containers, Poppelmann, Oasis media, Jiffy, Peters Fertilizer,
decorative containers and so much more!!
2021 JVK Plant Highlights/Schenck Farms Spring Plants
Have a look at the MUST TRY for 2021!!
Breakthrough breeding, vibrant colors,unique and high performing varieties.
JVK Vegetable Advantage Brochure
Respond to consumer demands of more color and taste in new vegetables.
Consider these tasty colorful options from JVK!
JVK Sustainable Solutions
We offer one of the most comprehensive solutions to minimize environmental impact of plastic.Consider our ‘resource saving plastic pots’ and ‘compostable pots’.
2022 Proven Winners Collection
Check out the 2022 preview of the new listing of items.
2022 JVK Creative Designs/Decorative Planters Brochure
We’ve added even more decorative planters – urns, squares, window boxes, planters and and so much more! Click here for EAST listing & click here for WEST listing.
Calliope Medium Geraniums
Calliope Medium’s wide range of colors including unique novelties makes it a one-stop option for building the ideal geranium program. Intense colors that lasts!
JVK – ASB Greenworld
A Wider range of products and formulations than ever before!
View “The Grower’s Choice” and “Retail” listing.

Breeder Catalogs.

They’re large & full of color!

2021 Kientzler Catalog
Check out all the innovative product listings.
2022 Proven Winner Collection
Check out the 2022 preview new listing of items!
2020 PW Gardener’s Idea Book — En Français!
Check out the 2020 Gardener’s Idea Book…all in french.
2021-2022 Syngenta Flowers
Check out all the varieties that are available from Syngenta Flowers.
2021-2022 PSI Catalog
Check out the “Must-Have” introductions and varieties from PSI.
2022 Vivero Collection
Check out all the varieties that are available from Vivero.
2020-2021 Westhoff Catalog
Check out all the varieties that are available from Westhoff.
2021-2022 GreenFuse Botanicals
Calibrachoa Cruze, Petunia Good and Plenty, and consider Salvia Grandstand series – performance like no others.

Breeder Seed Catalogs

Pan American 2022-2023
Check out the exciting new varieties.